For industrial manufacturers, remote condition monitoring continues to be a leading driver for connecting products, machines, and sites. In fact, according to the latest Ovum IoT Enterprise Insight Survey, condition monitoring is the number one application manufacturers are deploying or planning to deploy.
The ability to control and get visibility into operations at any time, carries powerful business value – not only for manufacturers but for their customers as well. 
When creating this Alerts Center we've aimed to do exactly that.

My role in this feature was creating the Alerts Center experience (both UX &UI) under Seebo's analyze section and integrate this functionality with the existing model section.​​​​​​​

First, inside the modeling section, product and engineering teams can graphically define the logic of the system, with using a set of logic-based rules ('Use Cases') that monitor and alert to maintenance issues, Then thereafter it's time to associate a business objective that will connect all parameters under one roof.

The Result
The core of remote condition monitoring lies in smart alerts, derived from machine and equipment-generated data. With alerts, manufacturers get notified in real-time about the efficiency, operational health, and critical issues for their products and production lines.
In addition to improving asset utilization and lifespan, these insights allow companies to make data-driven decisions for improving their products, reducing maintenance costs, and providing proactive customer service.

The Alerts Center enables viewing alerts according to the Business Objectives defined earlier.

Under all alerts, the user chooses to watch by hourly, daily, weekly or monthly view mode, obtaining  detailed info by hovering the graph.

All important information is organized in a table, easy to filter by severity, name or status.

To understand the real-time operational health of machines and production lines, condition monitoring alerts provide teams with metrics for machine temperature, pressure, humidity, fatigue, and wear.

Active alerts enable to find the most accurate information on alerts that still occur.

The Seebo IoT platform makes it easy to plan, build and integrate smart products at the lowest cost per unit and fastest time to market, allowing manufacturers to rejuvenate their products and excite today’s digital consumers. The platform bridges the gap for manufacturers between the physical and virtual world through a virtualized environment: a smart hardware engine, forecasting tools, development software, simplified integration and marketplaces,
all on one platform. 

Designed while working as a designer at Seebo.
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